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20 Westminster Arlington, MA

Constructed in 1950 as the Arlington Heights Methodist Church, 20 Westminster Avenue is a four- y-seven Colonial Revival style, a three-story red brick building listed in the Massachusetts Register of Historic Places. The original interior consisted of a two-story worship space/hall and religious education classrooms which, when the church relocated to another location, became a child daycare facility.


In partnership with Andrew J. Cannata, AIA, our design team reconfigured this 8,220 ft2 building into nine affordable housing units, three of them accessible, for the Housing Corporation of Arlington. An addition 1,200 ft2 was obtained without increasing the building footprint by reclaiming a majority of the crawl space. Elements of the exterior were faithfully repaired or replaced in-kind as required to maintain the historic exterior.

This project was the recipient of Historic Tax Credits from the Massachusetts Historical Commission and funding from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

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