The Buckman Tavern  Lexington, MA

The Buckman Tavern, built circa 1710, has a singular place in American history as the headquarters of the Minutemen. They gathered there in the early morning of April 19, 1775, before engaging British troops on the town common and witnessing the single shot that started the American Revolution. The interior of the tavern was restored in the 1920s and appears today very much as it did on that fateful morning in 1775. A National Historic Landmark, the building was documented in a series of photographs and drawings by the Historic American Building Survey in the early 1960s. ​


Our firm was engaged by the Lexington Historical Society to provide a detailed Historic Structure Report for the Tavern that included a building developmental history and construction chronology, paint and framing analysis, existing conditions assessment, treatment recommendations, a cyclical maintenance plan, and conceptual design for handicap access and improved functionality. The report guided a comprehensive construction project, completed in 2014, that included restoration, renovation and the introduction of handicap access.

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