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Photo Nov 17, 12 48 41 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 17, 12 48 41 PM.jpg

Springfield City Hall Enders Island, CT

The group of 1912 Beaux Arts buildings known as the ‘Municipal Complex’ defines the skyline of the largest city in Western Massachusetts. The City Hall and Symphony, mirrored Greek temples, flank an Italianate campanile that towers over Court Square. All three structures were built to impress, a reflection of the city’s industrial prosperity and storied past. The City Hall is today a bustling administrative center with offices and high-ceilinged legislative chambers on which no detail was spared. 

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At over 100 years old, Springfield City Hall is in need of significant repairs. Its character-defining stonework has faced weathering and mortar erosion and its openings are of equal concern. Many window sash have been inappropriately replaced with modern alternates, and the front doors, intricately stamped with bronze depictions of key moments in the city’s history, have begun to corrode. Our firm was engaged in 2020 to prepare an exterior conditions assessment for the building, an effort funded in part by the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund. The study will inform a phased exterior restoration, slated to begin next year.

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