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McGlynn Chapel - Providence College Providence, RI

Situated within one of Providence College’s historic academic buildings, the space to be repurposed as the McGlynn Chapel currently houses an eclectic collection of religious art and sculpture by the late Dominican friar Thomas McGlynn, OP (1906-1977). 
In addition to being an ordained priest and educator, Father McGlynn was trained sculptor who viewed art-making as part of his apostolic mission. He is most famous for his larger-than-life statue of Our Lady adorning the front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, but is uniquely distinguished by an extensive portfolio of sculptures, ranging from high-modernist depictions of the Battle in Heaven to more traditional busts of his contemporaries. 


Once constructed, the McGlynn Chapel will act dually as worship space and gallery. Student masses will be held in the chapel and the adjoining ‘lobby’ will retrospectively showcase the College’s extensive collection of Fr. McGlynn’s work. 

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