The MIT Press  Cambridge, MA

Spencer, Sullivan & Vogt renewed a long-standing relationship with The MIT Press - book, journal and digital publishers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - to assist with their fast-track relocation from Kendall Square to new office quarters in East Cambridge. Programming efforts, focused on a transition from traditional office quarters to an open office, collaborative work environment, began in July, 2013, and culminated in occupancy at Rogers Street in March of 2014.
A staff of approximately 100 persons relocated to a new work environment of 20,000 square feet, structured in clusters of low workstations aligned to maximize individual privacy yet allow for view and light to and from the exterior along the full breadth of the building footprint. Taking advantage of a unique curved geometry within the building’s form, a central arcing circulation spine organizes individual departments and informal group meeting areas. Preserving view along this spine and over the array of work station clusters affords expanded view and vista to exterior windows and mature vegetation just beyond the office quarters. Glass-shelved cases at the suite’s entry offer display of new Press publications and its portfolio of accomplishment over a 50 year history.