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Harkins Hall Providence College, RI

This example of SSV’s experience in exhibition design was installed in commemoration of Providence College’s 100-year anniversary. The Providence College Centennial Display is an interpretive exhibit situated around the tower rotunda in Harkins Hall, the institution’s main academic building. 

1420 Harkins Rotunda Model_Scene 1a.jpg

One year before the centennial itself, SSV was commissioned to design a display case and ‘timeline’ to be installed the following year, the aim being to educate students, faculty, staff and visitors about the history of both the College and its founders in the Dominican Order. The displays and cases required a high level of coordination with the College and those preparing the contents and exhibition archival items.

Echoing the collegiate Gothic sensibilities of the interior space, the displays are heavily ornamented, with particular attention paid to the architectural integrity of the space and academic design motifs found not only in Harkins Hall, but in various buildings across the campus. 

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