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Photo Jan 10, 10 35 50 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 10, 10 35 50 AM.jpg

Joshua Hyde Public Library Sturbridge, MA

The 1896 Joshua Hyde Library is situated adjacent to Sturbridge’s historic common, among the most visible landmarks in the town’s central village. Constructed in yellow brick with a slender cupola, both characteristic of the Colonial Revival style in which the building was designed, the library is a testament to this community’s dedication to actively showcasing its storied past. 

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Photo Jan 10, 10 36 50 AM.jpg

In 2022, SSV was engaged – alongside MEP/FP consultant van Zelm Engineers – to perform a comprehensive HVAC modernization project at the library, which is anticipated to trigger accessibility improvements per the regulations of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board. A landscape architect and civil engineer will also be engaged to design site improvements in support of the accessibility upgrades. Existing conditions drawings have recently been completed and a regulatory analysis is currently underway. A capital appropriation was recently approved by Town Meeting and will support the full scope of the improvements. 

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