Fairhaven High School  Fairhaven, MA

Fairhaven High School, designed in 1904 by Charles Brigham, is an eclectic building with a wealth of ornate stone and metal details and several fine examples of Guastavino tile vaulting. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the school was functionally obsolete and threatened with abandonment fifteen years ago. Its rehabilitation has since become a well-publicized success story and a symbol of the town’s commitment to its heritage.
Our firm performed a comprehensive building envelope assessment and treatment recommendations study for the high school. The study employed a team of building fabric experts to assess diverse materials including granite, limestone, brick, slate, tile, copper and stained glass. The survey evaluated each element in the field, compiled documentation for costing analysis, and provided direction for restoration. We have directed two phases of work at the school, including selective roof and gutter replacement, Guastavino tile vault restoration, stained and leaded glass window restoration, wood window restoration, and fire escape replacement.

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