F. Washington Jarvis Refectory - Roxbury Latin School  West Roxbury, MA

The program for the Jarvis Refectory Building includes a dining hall seating 150, a kitchen and servery, three classrooms, and a suite of offices for development, alumni records, and publications. The Refectory Building also completes a central courtyard, conceived in the early 1990s which combines axial discipline with informal landscaping.

The building is divided into two distinct parts: a three story wing containing the kitchen, classrooms, and offices, and a one-story wing containing the dining hall. The principal exterior materials - waterstruck brick, cast stone, and slate – were chosen to harmonize with the existing buildings, to which the Refectory is linked by a covered walkway, and for long-term durability. The three-story wing, with its gable roof, has an informal, vernacular character, whereas the dining-hall wing is more classical and academically “correct.”

The Refectory’s prominent position and the architectural richness of its interior reflect Roxbury Latin’s effort to foster a sense of community in a day school with a diverse group of students drawn from all over metropolitan Boston.


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