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MIT Bike Shelter Cambridge, MA

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Our firm designed two unique exterior enclosures at MIT’s MacGregor House, a 1969 residential building designed by TAC in association with Pietro Belluschi. We addressed a longstanding wind issue at a primary courtyard entry with a sculptural windbreak constructed of tubular aluminum. The curvilinear structure, incorporating building signage and enhanced with LED strip lighting, moderates the wind and creates a handsome invitation to the building interior.

An unroofed masonry enclosure, used originally as a barbeque pit and student gathering place, was transformed to a storage facility for more than 200 bicycles. The intent was to relieve bike congestion in the main campus with provision of secure, card-accessed bike parking a short walk from the MIT campus center. A ribbed polycarbonate roof on columns with integrated gutters spans the existing masonry surround. The enclosure provides rack storage in single and double tiers and stations for bike repairs.

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