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Moore Hall Providence College, RI

Moore Hall served as home to the departments of business and psychology and the Center for the Development of Western Civilization until 2017, when our firm effected a transformation to a collaborative space dedicated to the arts, culture, and social justice. The design team met with a variety of stakeholders to understand the college’s goal to build on diversity and academic excellence. After hearing from students, faculty, and administrators, we developed a program for multipurpose use that utilizes existing materials and finishes and showcases artwork.

Floor Plan.png

The center consists of lounges, a dance studio, a café, collaboration rooms, offices, and an active learning classroom. Some of the original elements were uncovered, and color and texture introduced to bring warmth to a structure which was originally “institutional” – and decidedly functional – in nature. Through these modifications, the Center for Inclusive Excellence has become a locus for a variety of formal and informal activities and has defined itself as a welcoming space accessible to the entire college community.

Wall mural painted by Betsy Casañas.

More of Casañas work can be found at

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