SSV Leading Five Boston CPA Projects

Late last week, the City of Boston announced the recipients of Community Preservation Act funding for the 2019 fiscal year. The decision came after weeks of discussion among members of the Community Preservation Committee who, along with Mayor Walsh, awarded a total of $34 million in CPA funding to projects across the City. Of that $34 million, $16 million has been recommended for for open space and historic preservation projects.

Spencer, Sullivan & Vogt will be involved in five CPA-funded historic preservation projects over the course of the next year. These projects include:

The National Center of Afro-American Artists at Abbotsford, Roxbury

St. Luke's Chapel at St. John St. James Episcopal Church, Roxbury

Old West Church, Beacon Hill

First Baptist Church, Back Bay

Memorial Hall, Charlestown

A close-up view of carvings in bas-relief on south facade of First Baptist Church tower

We are incredibly fortunate to be offered the opportunity to preserve such historic gems by the likes of key designers like Ralph Adams Cram (St. Luke's), H. H. Richardson (First Baptist), and Asher Benjamin (Old West Church). Public grants programs like the Community Preservation Act and Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund (through the Massachusetts Historical Commission) play a key role in preserving Boston's historic legacy. Each building is an integral part to the nearly four-century story of our City Upon a Hill.