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A New Dining Hall for Austin Prep

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

In their Spring 2019 publication of 'Journeys,' Austin Preparatory School in Reaching, MA, covered the recent renovation of their dining hall — a project designed by SSV over the past two years.

"Recent trends in education, architecture, and eating habits," says the article, "suggested that if the school had aspirations of keeping up with the times, it needed to evolve from an old-fashioned cafeteria to a dining room." That said, SSV aimed to design not only a new dining space for Austin Prep, but also to foster conversation and a sense of community for students, faculty and staff at the school.

The article outlines and documents the design and construction of the new dining hall at Austin Prep, highlighting the collaboration between SSV and contractor Pimentel Construction Company in Wilmington, MA.

According to the article, Austin Prep Board Chair Dan Bouchard claimed, "the new construction demonstrates the continued commitment of the Board to improving Austin Prep; to continuing Astin Prep on that upward trajectory with more great things to come."

Construction of the Austin Prep dining hall was completed on September 10th, 2018. The publication can be viewed here.

Ribbon cutting ceremony at the newly renovated Austin Prep dining hall (Sept. 10, 2018)

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