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Ruane Center Providence College, RI

Providence College built the Ruane Center to house its distinctive curriculum in the Development of Western Civilization and signal its commitment to the liberal arts. Speaking at the building’s dedication, historian David McCullough said “I feel to the depths of my being that this emblematic new building is not only a step in the right direction for Providence College, but for our country.” With the College’s lofty goal in mind, our design combined a Classical plan, Gothic details, and state-of-the-art technology.

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Although the Ruane Center’s location at the heart of campus was ideal, the site was small and on a hill. A vertical tower and a horizontal terrace were deployed to forestall any sense that the building was sliding downhill. Though the exterior of this building received praise, much attention was also given to the spatial planning therein.

The timeline for the design and construction of the Center was exceptionally short with first design sketches in October 2011 and completion in July 2013. The building received a 2014 Palladio Award, a 2014 RI-AIA Award and a 2013 Bulfinch Award.

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