Ruane Center for the Humanities - Providence College  Providence, RI

Designed to accommodate Providence College's courses in the Development of Western Civilization, the Ruane Center also house offices for the School of Arts and Sciences, the Center for the Study of the Humanities, the Liberal Arts Honors Program, and the Departments of English and History.  Seeking to imbue the Ruane Center with a sense of memory that looks back at the College’s origins and anticipates the beginning of its second century, we chose the Collegiate Gothic style to tie it to the college’s other signature buildings. 


The Ruane Center’s most prominent architectural feature is a sturdy square tower, visible from three directions, which marks its main entrance. Like Caesar’s Gaul, the Ruane Center is divided into three parts. Most of the north wing, near the tower entry, is devoted to a large, double-height common room. Provided with a monumental fireplace and furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs, this room serves as a place for conversation and informal study. The second part, centrally located, is devoted entirely to teaching spaces, including ten seminar rooms, two large lecture halls, and two classrooms of intermediate size. The south wing consists of department headquarters and offices for individual faculty members.


With The S/L/A/M Collaborative