Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption - St. Edmund's Retreat Center  Ender's Island, Mystic, CT

Enders Island, accessible by a causeway from the Connecticut coast, is named for the family who bought it early in the last century. Their estate, which included a main house, extensive gardens, and several outbuildings, now provides an ideal setting for a retreat center. Like the Enders house, the Chapel is built of rough fieldstone.  Externally, its sturdy tower, round arches, and picturesque composition were conceived with the rustic surroundings in mind.  Internally, the Chapel is simplicity itself, with a timber-trussed roof, bluestone floor, and plain plaster walls. To either side of the altar, large windows filled with leaded glass in pale aquatic colors soften the glare of the sun but allow views of the sea.


With Keefe Associates